Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kenneth Cox [updated]

Kenneth Cox is a pastor-evangelist, who like many other famous (relatively speaking) Adventist pastor-evangelists has a relatively dramatic conversion experience behind his ministry. OK, it's not THAT dramatic. A literature evangelist (wildly popular among Adventist teens, or used to be...or maybe never quite as popular as Adventist urban legend suggests) left a tract at the Cox home.
The Cox family was converted and Kenneth (who was 14 at the time) later became an evangelist with the very same group that dropped the tract at his home. That was the Voice of Prophecy, in case you were curious.

If you're into the 3ABN scene, you'll certainly be familiar with Kenneth Cox from his frequent appearences during which he covers such topics as practical godliness...and more!

But the real reason we love him is that Ken Cox is a caricature waiting to happen. His marvelously gregarious set of teeth are the first thing to greet you, and his wonderful, meticulously coiffured silver-blue up-do make Cox appear as if he really belongs somewhere among the clouds - way beyond the blue.

And on top of it all, his prophecy charts are second to none!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Julius Nam

Julius Nam teaches Adventist History at Loma Linda University. Among many other things. He is a Korean-American pastor turned educator, and ministered in Korea, Michigan, and California before entering the world of Adventist Academia.

The best way to describe Julius Nam in two words is "Progressive Adventist", which happens to be the title of a blog that he maintains. Well, almost. The blog is entitled Progressive Adventism.

Nam helped organize the 50 year reunion party for the Questions on Doctrine conference, which if you are an Adventist, and have lived in the last 50 years, is a big deal. Whether you are aware of it or not.


Wintley Phipps

Wintley Phipps is arguably Adventism's most famous singer. A YouTube video of Phipps singing Amazing grace is among the top religious YouTube videos of all time with many millions of hits! Phipps traces his roots to the Carribean; he was born in Trinidad / Tobago in 1955.

In addition to his YouTube megapopularity, Wintley Phipps started the US Dream Academy. He also founded Songs of Freedom Publishing Company and Coral Records Recording Company. But that's not all, no no! Phipps entertains all sorts of people. He has performed for Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush I and II, Bill Clinton, Mother Teresa, the Democratic National Conventions of '84 and '88, and has toured with Billy Graham. And if that were not enough, Wintley Phipps is also an ordained Seventh-day Adventist minister.

AND if your church has the money and the time to book him, Wintley Phipps will sing for YOU!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adventist Incorporated

There's a story behind this image. A story you might not have heard. It's a good one, and you can read it at David Hamstra's blog. I can't say "Hamstra" without thinking of either hamsters or hamstrings. There, I said it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Joseph Bates' Lineage

I mean, the resemblance is OBVIOUS.

Roscoe G. Bartlett

Roscoe Bartlett is a Kentucky boy. He was born in Moreland, Kentucky in 1926. He's also a Maryland boy. Bartlett attended college at Columbia Union College where he earned a degree in Theology and Biology. He planned to enter ministry, but at 21 was too young to get a job as a pastor. So he went to graduate school and got all sorts of education in the physical sciences.

Bartlett taught for a little while at Loma Linda University, but destiny awaited him in other fields, literally. Bartlett spent time as a farmer and made pretty good money doing it. His other odd jobs include businessman, research scientist, and congressman.

Bartlett, a Republican, was elected to the House of Representatives in 1993. He represents Maryland's 6th district and sits on the Armed Services Committee where he is the ranking member of the Seapower and Expeditionary Forces Subcommittee. Bartlett also serves on the Small Business Committee and the Science Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives.

I suppose that makes him just about the most powerful Adventist. Beside Ellen White, that is.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

John Harvey Kellogg

John Harvey Kellogg ranks among the top controversial figures in Adventist history. One of the pioneers of the Adventist health work, Kellogg was instrumental in the opening and operation of the Sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan.

A gifted medical doctor and pioneer in medical technology, Kellogg benefitted the Adventist church with his medical prowess. His theological skills, however, left much to be desired. Kellogg split from the Adventist church over his pantheistic views, deemed incommensurable with Adventist understandings.John Harvey Kellogg is best known as the founder of Kellogg's cereal. Kellogg invented corn flakes by accident while trying to create a food that would lower the sex drive. Instead, he stumbled onto what would become a billion-dollar breakfast food.

There's something about those guys in the food industry, by the way. For example, compare John Harvey Kellogg and Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken (who jumped on the health food band wagon recently - click link).

Clifford Goldstein

Clifford Goldstein grew up a secular Jew with plenty of interest in philosophy and no interest in Christianity. A conversion experience later in life saw Goldstein swing from atheism to Adventism. Once part of the Adventist Church, Goldstein published several books defending traditional SDA doctrines, served as editor of the Adult Bible Study Guide (formerly known as Sabbath School Quarterly), and wrote a regular column for the Adventist Review. Of all his many accomplishments, his TV show on the Hope Channel called Cliff! and his being featured on must rank among the highest.

By the way, Clifford Goldstein doesn't approve of liberals.