Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

VOTE - Adventist Santa [UPDATED]

Vote for your favorite Adventist Santa in the Christmastime North Poll (ha ha, sucker for puns). Candidates' pictures in posts below.

The 4,239 votes have been tabulated and the winner, by a whisker, is Doug Batchelorclaus!
Congratulations to our evangelistic Santa guy!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Marvin Mooreclaus

Robert Folkenclaus

Rajmund Dabrowskiclaus

Doug Batchelorclaus

"Anonymous" requested a version with a Christmas tree, mostly for the sake of snarkiness. I happily oblige. It's what I do. Happy Holidays, says Mr. Batchelor. (See comments)

Monte Sahlinclaus

David Asschericklaus

Don C. Schneiderclaus

David Gates

David Gates is a well-known missionary pilot who works out of Guyana in South America. Gates, a director of ADRA in the region, also speaks extensively to audiences around the world. He has generated significant buzz lately for his teaching that Jesus must return by or before 2031, and that the current global economic crunch will lead to an apocalyptic doomsday scenario that will usher in the Second Coming.

If it seems his head is in the clouds, remember that what goes up must come down. There's your mixed metaphor for the day.

You can read more about his unique teachings and see video clips by following this link.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Global Financial Crisis Hits Adventist Church

The global economic downturn that accompanied the recession in the U.S. (yes, it's official, folks) has brough tough times to the Adventist Church as well. An Adventist News Network (ANN) headline reads, "Adventist Church Tightens Belt." Adventist Today notes that the Adventist Church plans to reduce the subsidy it provides Loma Linda Universty (reg req.).

The Church, along with everybody else, is watching as its assets turn to smoke. The subtext of this Editorial Cartoon is the recent fire that damaged the Adventist Church Headquarters in the UK. ANN reports on the fire's devastation here.