Tuesday, December 23, 2008

David Gates

David Gates is a well-known missionary pilot who works out of Guyana in South America. Gates, a director of ADRA in the region, also speaks extensively to audiences around the world. He has generated significant buzz lately for his teaching that Jesus must return by or before 2031, and that the current global economic crunch will lead to an apocalyptic doomsday scenario that will usher in the Second Coming.

If it seems his head is in the clouds, remember that what goes up must come down. There's your mixed metaphor for the day.

You can read more about his unique teachings and see video clips by following this link.


Anonymous said...

Or go straight to what he says, rather than a second hand commentary: www.gospelministry.org

Anonymous said...

if Jesus doesn't know the time when He will return, how come David Gates does?

Paul said...

If u heard properly what he has to say about the second coming you would realize how dumb your comment is.

Anonymous said...

first of all you dont need to be so rude. second im not talking about just what hes said here on this site. ive watched alot of his videos and im basing my comment on all of those videos.

Anonymous said...

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NJK Project said...


Interesting, pertinent post... Just the type of reaction that the SOP was protecting against when it said not to set dates or “time ranges” for the Second Coming.

The following commentary on David Gates and his ministry, especially his “Lazarus Experience” may be beneficial and enlightening.


NJK Project

Anonymous said...

@Paul: If u heard properly what JESUS said about the second coming, you'd realize how dumb the whole premise of date setting is!

Any said...

the Devil, he will be judging the truth, Satan, hes is always working through people, to believe what Anonymous said, i have to hear David Gates with his own words... i don't believe what people saying, specialist when they judging. because satan alway lie.

Anonymous said...

when he was in roumania he sed ,Jesus come in few mounts and that was 4 or 5 years ago.