Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Richest Caveman

Doug Batchelor is an excellent example of the pendulum effect. Batchelor was born to wealthy, influential parents. He grew up a rather undisciplined boy, living life to the fullest, if you know what I mean. From that end of the pendulum, he swung to the other end as a result of time spent in a cave in the desert of Southern California. He wrote about the cave experience in his book, "The Richest Caveman."
In the cave, Batchelor found a Bible, which would thereafter become his primary means of earning a living. Batchelor became a Seventh-day Adventist pastor and eventually the head honcho of Amazing Facts, which recently made news by merging with Weimar Institute.*

In the cave, he was often naked. He now wears suits. In the cave, he had long hair. He now enjoys a more polished look. How the pendulum swings!

*Faulty information corrected thanks to "lmerklin". Batchelor was incorrectly listed as founder of Amazing Facts, when in fact it has been around since 1966 - Amazing!


lmerklin said...

Hi! Enjoyed the link from Spectrum. Just wanted to mention that Amazing Facts existed before Doug. It was started (in NJ, I think) by Joe Crews.

Caricatures of Adventists said...

Thanks for the correction. I'll note that in the blog.

beckywcs said...

This was quite funny, especially the descriptions and the comparisons of Abe Lincoln + Smeagol with J. Bates and Colonel Sanders with J. Kellog. Your caricature of Wintley is one of the best.

How about doing Chuck Scriven?