Sunday, July 13, 2008

Justin Wright (1981-2008)

Justin Wright was an Adventist, an artist, and an inspiration to many people. A graduate of Pacific Union College, Justin dreamed of working for Pixar as a storyboard artist, a dream that was realized after two attempts. His work for Pixar included Ratatouille and this summer's box office hit, Wall-E.

Wall-E was dedicated to Justin, who died of heart failure prior to the film's release. Justin had lived with numerous heart conditions since birth, and he finally succumbed in March of 2008.

His life was in many ways a quick sketch, an unfinished drawing never afforded the opportunity to become a fully realized masterpiece. And yet from the many reports of the friends and family members who Justin leaves behind, his life seems to have been incredibly full of passion and promise.

As a fellow Adventist artist, Justin's passing leaves a large vacancy in the lives of those he knew and worked with, as well as in the Adventist community. Warmest wishes to the family and friends of an undoubtedly incredible and inspiring person!

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Fellow Pixar artist Ronnie Del Carmen's tribute along with a sketch of Justin.

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