Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Marvin Moore

Marvin Moore does many things with his time. He gives the SDA party line its distinctive sound as the editor of the Signs of the Times, and in his spare time, Moore explains the future. But his most profound contribution to modern Adventism may be his preserving of the James White-esque beard that is somewhere between Amish, leprechaun, and Fighting Irish. Which is what makes Marvin Moore so endearing as a caricature!


Interfaith Power and Light said...

Excellent genealogy of the Moore beard.

I'd enjoy seeing a good Samuel Bacchiocchi. Something that really captures that gleaming dome and the aggressive apologetics and book marketing that it has hatched forth.

Caricatures of Adventists said...

Bacchiocchi - excellent idea. He is actually in the queue, awaiting his turn at being grilled by an Adventist pen. :-)

David Hamstra said...

I've always thought that Moore's beard was pioneering.

As to future subjects of your pencil, I nominate fellow Frisian, Shawn Boonstra. His baby face is just begging to have its features exaggerated.

Caricatures of Adventists said...

Boonstra's a good one! And hard to capture as well. I'll get right on it!