Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nancy Vyhmeister [Adventist Women]

You know the way to tell if someone is a prolific writer or not? Do an internet search of that person, and if the top 40 hits that come back are links to books, that person is a prolific writer. Nancy Vyhmeister is a talented woman and a prolific writer! Nancy W. Vyhmeister.

The people at Adventist Affirm don't necessarily like Nancy Vyhmeister all that well. That's because Nancy Vyhmeister advocates strongly for the acceptance of women in ministry and the ordination of Adventist Women. But at Adventist Affirm, they have a book full of counter-arguments. They think that women belong in the kitchen, I think.

The people at the Association of Adventist Women like Nancy Vyhmeister. They named her a woman of the year in 2007! She has lived all over the world and speaks several languages. Vyhmeister is one of the principal translators of the SDA Bible Commentary into Spanish.

I like her most because of her great name! Say (VEE-mice-ter). Vyhmeister, Vyhmeister, Vyhmeister. Now you try it.

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