Thursday, July 24, 2008

Robert Folkenberg

Robert S. Folkenberg was president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists from 1990 - 1999. Folkenberg was born in Puerto Rico and attended school in Cuba. He studied at Atlantic Union College, Andrews University, and Newbold College. Pretty International chap, which is a good trait in a General Conference president. A less good trait is getting mixed up in allegations of financial impropriety. Folkenberg resigned as president because of allegations, though his resignation had to do with not wanting to mar the reputation of the church by cooperating with an investigation. His resignation did not include an admission of guilt.
Folkenberg today is very involved in worldwide evangelism. He is director of Global Evangelism for the Carolina Conference of SDA.

This is a digital painting of Robert Folkenberg I've been working on for a while. I may decide to touch it up more later if time allows it.


Anonymous said...

from what i have gleened his assoiation with what i beleive was a jesuit priest in calif is what got his ass fired. his name is james e moore. it is amazing he still has any church function. im not saying he cant go to that church but i would not trust him as far as i could throw his big ass. also seems he likes to fire division auditors with the accusation of marital misconduct.

Svetlana said...

yes I am also shocked by the fact he is still a church official...but this simply indicates that they all work as a sad

Anonymous said...

In his defense, his execution of the duties of president were competent and, from appearances, guided by careful leadership and a dependence on Christ. While I don't know him personally, nor am I familiar with the specifics of the investigation of conference finances, his conduct prior to and since has been propitious. In fact, I would suggest he has, regardless of the allegations made, contributed substantially to worldwide evangelism and substantive outreach. Sometimes where there's smoke there isn't fire, but there's a happy old devil throwing bundles of burning trash.