Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sherman Haywood Cox, II

Sherman Haywood Cox, II. That's the longest name of any person featured on this site thus far! And the name could not apply to a more dynamic preacher / author/ blogger. Cox is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and shares all sorts of helpful homiletical stuff at his web site. It's called Sherman Haywood Cox Ministries (surprise!). He's also got lots of materials celebrating preaching in the black tradition at SoulPreaching.Com. Check it out!

Listen to his preaching, his philosophy on selecting texts to preach from, which version of the Bible to use, how to create a sermon and a whole lot more.

Sherman commented on the previous post (about some negative feedback on this blog):

Well I for one hope that one day I will see myself as worthy of being day we will say...'you know you made it when you been caricatured on the Caricature blog...' lol....God bless..."

To which we said, a caricature of Mr. Cox? Sure, man! (You made it)

Alternate version - Sherman's other site, the Sabbath Pulpit:


Sherman Haywood Cox II said...

I know I have "made it now." Thanks for the images...can I use them?

Don't forget my most popular site

God bless...

Caricatures of Adventists said...

Sure, feel free to use them. If it's possible to mention this blog along with the images, that would be appreciated, but if it's not really doable, that's cool too!

I'll update your info too.

Anonymous said...

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