Monday, September 1, 2008

Rajmund Dabrowski

A while ago I got a request for Rajmund Dabrowski (please call him Ray). Director of Communication for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. You can find out much more about Ray Dabrowski including a podcast interview he did with Alexander Carpenter of Spectrum Magazine here.

Ray owns one of the top five most caricatureable Adventist faces of all time!


George Powell said...

Terrific job on a terrific guy! A legend in his own mi/n//scratch that! his own time! (Just ask him!) Great fellow, colorful, outrageous sense of humor, good instincts, a bit of a maverick, knows his way around. Yes, you did get a good subject. I'd have thought Neal Wilson would have been good--and Ted. Mark Finley, kloosterhuis, Chas Bradford, Phil Follett. Actually, I've been trying to reach Ray 4 times now. I was his asst for news operations in Utrecht. Ray, Ric Kajura, & I plowed corn, as they say down south. I'm George Powell. I want to volunteer at this late date for any unsung, unwanted, insignificant job no one wants. I was Dir of Comm at Southern in Atlanta nearly 20 years & have about 6 GC sessions behind my belt. Figure this might be my last before I'm out to pasture (or glue factory). But Ray is so famous us has-beens can't cut through the circle--kind of like Nixon. (smile). If you've got better access than I do, pls tell him George Powell is available. 1-877-682-5670.

George Powell said...

This is my 3rd (and final) attempt to post a reaction to Ray Dabrowski's caricature. Terrific job done on an incredible subject. Good choice. Maybe Neal Wilson or Ted, Chas Bradford, Mark Finley, Robt Kloosterhuis, or Phil Follet.
I'm George Powell. This is my 5th attempt to reach Ray. I was his news operations director in Utrecht. Ray, Ric Kijura as news info, & I had a great time--a great exhausting time. Europe was strange (for me, not for Ray). What's this 17:50 hours stuff about? And some elec equipment worked brighter & faster than ever....for the 1st 17 seconds before the poof!! With the Atlanta session a month away, I wanted to find out if a ghost from Utrecht and Indianapolis and Dallas and .... might interest Ray for some unsignificant flunky job nobody else wants. I was Comm Dir at Southern Union in Atlanta for nearly 20 years. I know the city & have my own place unless my task made 2 daily sojourns to the suburbs too cumbersome. I'm gratis, which may indicate my value, but I've done a little of everything--some of it even half decent. Have Ray call me at 1-877-682-5670 or