Sunday, January 4, 2009

A look back at the sketches of '08


Anonymous said...

This blog is a lost of time and energy. Why don't you get involve in better things rather than pondering on gimmicks and superficial things which are not God Centered but are deviating away attention. You press your readers to guess your dirty and irreverent thoughts and you are leading people to lack respect and reverence.

we have so much prophecies left to learn about and discover. the three angels' message. the great controversy. healthy lifestyle. Jesus life in a day. the evil's counterfeits: manipulation of science/ television medicating the mind and gamma waves/ hollywood stars, fallen angels/sonic warefare.biotechnology/ monsanto. jut to name a few.
So much more to share!

Take more control of yourself and remember that GOD should be the focus and all things should be for his glory. Is he being uplifted on your blog or is it more about you showing off your wit and humor?

Life is not a joke, neither is your faith. You'd better pray and ask the Lord to guide you and tame your humor so that you use it in a better and good way. How far will slack-tivism bring you to?

Will pray for you.
May the Holy Spirit open your eyes to realise what is more important in our Christian walk.

SDA Caricatures said...

Yes, a lost of time for sure! We really should get involve in better things.

Counterfeits, monsanto, sonic warfare... What are we doing wasting our time on blogging! And commenting on blogs! And telling people who blog that they are wasting time. After taking time to write five-page responses to time-wasting blogs.

Maranatha for sure!