Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Missing the Boat [Editoon]

Recent editoon for Spectrum. A bit of role reversal in Adventism vis-a-vis the larger society. We may not be speaking prophetically, but at least we're not legalist anymore, right? Right?


Richard said...

As long as you're having to do this site anonymously -- maybe not.

I blogged earlier this year about a seminar series by Hiram Rester, when he was in my city. Someone attending the seminar printed it out, showed it to him -- and on a Friday evening before the seminar began, he was not amused.

"I fail to see the humor in it," he declared after taking me to a back closet for a discussion.

After the session we talked again, and he was actually apologetic. He said my blogging gave away his gameplan, for campaigns in other cities.

I checked a few weeks later -- and since I called him "Hiram" instead of the name he usually uses, I don't think it hurt his cause at all. But for some reason, I'm not on his e-mail list -- even though I signed up for it.

Caricatures of Adventists said...

Interesting story! Thank you for sharing.

Commenting on people and religious stuff is a delicate balance between revealing what is true while trying to avoid treading on toes. This blog crosses the line almost daily...

Sam Sukaton said...

Man oh man. I grew up in/around Loma Linda and I go to UCLA, and this is SO TRUE.

I'm the "public school" Adventist - meat-eating and the like - but this just tickled me pink. I'm more of a writer, but you do good work. We should talk.